It's Tooth Fairy Day! How much is a Tooth worth?

Price per tooth has dropped!

February 28, 2019

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Today (2/28/19) is Tooth Fairy Day. When I had visits from the tooth fairy, I got a $1 a tooth except for my front teeth. I got $5 for each front teeth.  Now a days I'm like a Tooth Fairy to dentists for all the work I've had done, and will have.  I asked Mix Facebook Friends if their tooth price was under $5 or over.  A poll is up... check it out and add to it..

A recent Tooth Fairy Poll taken shows that the price per tooth is down almost 50 cents.The price is 43 cents less during the past year. 

  • Average price per tooth is $3.70 which is down from $4.13 last year. 
  • $5 seems to be a popular amount for a tooth
  • $10 - $20 per tooth depending on which one it is. Molars & incisors seem to get much bigger bank these days. 

honey Ted said he got 25 cents per tooth.  Wonder what he did to the Tooth Fairy? How does the Tooth Fairy pay for teeth in your home? 

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