Job opening with an office with a view and plenty of beer!

Michelob Ultra Pure Gold has a position open!

September 21, 2020
Maria Vonotna Getty Image

Maria Vonotna / Getty Image


Do you have what it takes to be Chief Exploration Officer for Michelob Ultra Pure Gold? You'll get to travel for work with an Awesome office view. Your task will be capturing those views while touring the country, visiting national parks and sharing the beauty of it all. You can bring a special assistant too. 

Ideal Candidate:

  • Enjoys & respects nature
  • Can see the big picture / capture and edit it for others to see
  • Follows the CDC guidelines during your journey. 
  • A leader with a good sense of direction, which is helpful if your GPS fails


  • Has an eye for outdoor / nature photography and / or videography
  • Appreciates the joy of connecting with nature, and sharing that with others
  • Ready to hike through national parks / outdoor areas
  • Valid US Driver's License
  • Must be 21 + up

Trip Details:

You'll have an epic 6 month adventure as CEO in a camper van equipped with a bathroom & shower with gas money supplied by Michelob Ultra Pure Gold on top of the $50K salary. Your journey will take you through some of the country's most iconic landscapes exploring the natural beauty of America. You (& your assistant) will capture breathtaking photos of some of the most beautiful national parks! Does this sound like your DREAM JOB?  CLICK HERE for more 411 and to apply! Deadline is Wednesday, September 30th! 

*Michelob Ultra is a proud sponsor of the National Park Foundation and it's mission to preserve and protect the national parks for future generations.