Today is Happy World Emoji Day


July 17, 2018

Today, July 17th is World Emoji Day! Emoji roughly meaning 'picture word' in Japanese. The quick history factoids I just read said an Emoji was developed by Shigetaka Kurita. He was working for a telecom company, NTT Docomo. He started designing picture words as a feature for their pagers so teens would find them more appealing. It worked for everyone. You can't go anywhere without hearing or seeing a reference about an Emoji. We can thank Shigetaka for that. 

The Emoji made it's way to the U.S. through the 1st Apple iPhone in 2007.  An Emoji and Emojis keyboard was included in the design for use in Japan, but some in the. U.S. discovered it, and learned how to use them.  Emoji's have been here to stay every since.  Now complete sentences are created via Emojis. Many times by kids so their parents don't have a clue what the heck they are texting. 

There are more than 1800 Emojis that do more than just show emotion.. from sports, to travel and more.. there's an Emoji for it, or it's being worked on. Use your favorite(s) today and spread the #EmojiLove  #WorldEmojiDay 

Most everything Emoji can be found here EmojiPedia  Apple has released 70 new Emojis in honor of today! They include hair options such as curly, white, redhead and bald. Emotions of Smiling Face w/ Smiling Eyes and 3 hearts, Partying face, Pleading face, Cold face, Hot face and Woozy face...  many more skin tone face choices.. Sounds like Redhead will be a big favorite!  Check them out here! 

What's your favorite Emoji right now?