Happy Ice Cream Month! See which brands are All Good for Mama Earth

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July 2, 2018

July is National Ice Cream month. A yummy #1THING is showing Love for those brands that are #AllGood for Mama Earth. The more eco - friendly, the better. The Good Shopping Guide has a chart from  'The Ethical Company Organisation' that breaks down several Ice Cream brands (UK) and finds out their 'ETHICAL RANKINGS'.  The rankings include categories such as Organic, Environmental Report, Animal Welfare, Fair Trade and more. Green means Top rated, Yellow Middle rated and Red is Low rated. Enjoying ice creams w/ higher Ethical Rankings makes for #AllGood experiences for you and Mama Earth! A Yummy #1THING you can do! 

The Top 5 rated Ice Cream brands Ethical Rankings were:

  • Cream O'Galloway - 83
    3 way tie w/ 
  • Ro Combe Farm- 83
    3 way tie w/
  • Yeo Valley - 83
  • Food Heaven -79
  • Oat Supreme - 79

 Landing in the 'Middle' ratings w/ a 6 way tie

  • Ben and Jerry 's - 63

The worst Low rated Ice Cream brand in this chart was 

  • Lyons - 54

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