Hey Kit Kat Lovers! Look out for these ...

Yummy Way to Celebrate Spring!

March 21, 2019

Heather's Candy Jar w/ a Kit Kat Bar March 2019


Take a Kit Kat add ice cream Drumstick style.. Looks like yummy heaven I'll need to try soon.  The word is Kit Kat Drumsticks will be sold at Kroger stores nationwide and other stores too!  I'm hoping to see them in Walmart, Randall's , H-E-B soon. I didn't know they existed, so I wasn't looking. I will be looking more intently in the frozen food / ice cream aisle now.. How about you? 

Kit Kat Drumsticks sound delish and there's a chocolate version too.  A CHOCOLATE AMEN! ..

"Each 4 - pack box ($3.99 retail) features 4 Drumstick cones, with the signature vanilla ice cream in a cone lined with chocolate The ice cream is coated in a chocolate shell that features Kit Kat wafers embedded into it. The Drumsticks also come in an 8-pack variety that has a chocolate ice cream version of the treat."