5 Thingies about Lady Gaga's FABULOUS MET GALA ENTRANCE! Brick Phone Poll!

Brick Phone Comeback? Take the poll...

May 7, 2019

George Fairbairn / Getty Image

2019 Met Gala yesterday did not disappoint when it came to Creative , Wild & Outlandish Outfits / Fashions worn.  Although co-host Lady Gaga stole the red carpet w/ her FABULOUS ENTRANCE that included multi-changes. Accessories are important to the theme too. Many times a trendsetter ... or bringing back a trend.

5 Thingies about Lady Gaga's FABULOUS ENTRANCE on the 2019 Met Gala Red Carpet

  1. Hot Pink Gown w/ the 25 foot train that turned into 4 Fabulous outfit changes was the creation of designer Brandon Maxwell.
  2. Brandon Maxwell is the same designer who created the Infamous Meat Dress Lady Gaga wore for the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards. The Brandon Maxwell & Lady Gaga did Fashion Collab did not disappoint ... THEIR MET GALA ENTRANCE ... FAB PERFECT! 
  3. 2019 Met Gala had a Camp theme (much more Glam Camp). Umbrellas are needed when camping. So having male dancers in suits w/ black umbrellas, was necessary, and made  the ENTRANCE (GLAM) CAMPY FAB! 
  4. Accessories, makeup & hair are also very important. Can't go without crystal encrusted black sunglasses. The blonde Marilyn Monroe type bob w/ extra long gold lashes! Not a  surprise if they pop up during the year. 
  5. There is one accessorie that made an appearance in THE ENTRANCE. A big black brick looking thing Lady Gaga put to her ear during the Pink fitted dress change. YEP.. THE BRICK PHONE! I guess Campy ... it's called a BRICK, so why not!  Think Lady Gaga is making it COMEBACK? If anyone can, she could.  Lord help us.. our arms, neck & backs too.. if that happens. 

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