Lila Helps Collect Plastic from the Ocean

#LilaRocks #4Ocean

August 13, 2018

Lila is doing her 1THING for the Ocean!  She's been diving for awhile. Her human Alex Schulze trained her to fetch lobsters. When they noticed plastics in the water and the beach, Lila learned how to dive and collect plastic bottles. Lila & Alex are cleaning up the waters for a company her human Alex is co-founder of called 4Ocean. They help clean up the world's waters by creating bracelets made from recylced materials. 

If Lila can do it, then we can also do our part to keep the waters clean. Reusuable water bottles are a great start, if you aren't doing that already. Cleaning up plastics around the area / waters that you live are a great help too!  Watch Lila in action, she'll give you the motivation!  LILA ROCKS!  More here  Every 4Ocean bracelet sold is 1 pound of plastic picked up by Lila & the 4Ocean crew.