A List of Love for Furbaby Adoptions in the ATX area!

Rudy Approves! Shout Out to APA!

October 11, 2019

Rudy gives this List of Love 4 paws up and a bone. ( 8 months)


I ran across this awesome List of Love for adoption of furbabies in the Austin area on DO512. honey Ted and I adopted Rudy 4 months ago at Austin Pets Alive! He's a Parvo surviver, and that wouldn't have happened without APA!'s  'Parvo Puppy ICU' at the Town Lake Adoption Center. They have saved over 5000 puppies, like Rudy, who wouldn't have had a chance. No matter how much '8-month-old Pure Puppy Power'  and 'Separation Anxiety' Rudy gets, that can wear a pet parent down, we are Thankful each day we have him. We're big supporters of furbaby adoptions. There are many furbabies who are in need of rescuing / adoption, and you may find they are rescuing you too.  Love Makes the World Go Round especially with a Furbaby as part of the Family!

ATX Pet Adoptions: 

These are a few of many wonderful rescues / shelters in and around the ATX area! All the Best on finding a furbaby Love connection soon! When you do, may you have tons of Happy times to share together. 

Rudy at 4 months w/ his 1st toy in his furever home w/ us!