Listen to Shawn Mendes World Cup version of In My Blood...


June 14, 2018

Happy #FiFAWorldCup  Kickoff Day! Shawn Mendes dropped a revamped version of 'In My Blood' singing in Portuguese for the first time honoring his heritage. Yes, he was born in Canada, but Shawn's daddy is a Portuguese immigrant. What a nice Daddy's Day present to share w/ the World!  Shawn does an English / Portuguese combo. Is it wrong to say he sounds Sexy singing in Portuguese?  Being 19 and all ... I don't want it to sound creepy, but he does have the sex appeal going belting out the Portuguese lyrics. Check it out.. (More here)

You could cheer for Shawn's favorite Portugal, since the USA isn't in the #WorldCup.   Or you can click here to pick a team to root for.

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