The Most Sinful States in America

See if Texas ranking Surprises you!

February 22, 2019

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WalletHub released rankings of all 50 states when it comes to being Sinful. DoesTexas Sinfulness ranking surprise you?  It did me. I realize the saying 'Everything is Bigger in Texas'. Apparantly that includes our Sins too. Especially in these categories which are some of the main reasons the ranking ... 

Sinfulness of Texas (1=Most Sinful; 25=Avg.)

  • 27th - Anger & Hatred  It's good this is below average, but being 50 in this category would be way better.
  • 8th - Jealousy   Watch out for the Green Monster!
  • 1st - Lust    Really #1 ... this surprises me. How about you? 
  • 7th - Vanity  It's great to Love ourselves, but maybe there's a bit to much of that happening
  • 16th - Laziness  Need to be more active!

Texas made it in the Top 5 of the Most Sinful States!  Does this surprise you?  It did me. I wasn't expecting Top 10 ranking, and for sure not Top 5 ranking!  Get the Holy Water ready! May need to bath in it ... 

  1. Nevada
  2. Florida
  3. California
  4. Texas   
  5. Louisiana
  6. Georgia
  7. Illinois
  8. Michigan
  9. Arizona

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