5 Newbie Thingies For You

Look Out!

January 21, 2020
Newbie Thingies

Anastasia_Stoma / Getty Images


I'm a fan of the Best Products Facebook page who are constantly putting the word out about cool Newbie Thingies to try. A few of these, if not all could have a sweetie in mind w/ Valentine's Day on the way. Or just give yourself the Love. You deserve it!!

Here are 5 Newbie Thingies that caught my eye for you!

  1. Mountain Dew Frostbite out in April at Walmart

  2. Eat Your Heart Out Pasta /  Vegan / Amazon

  3. Coca-Cola Tic-Tacs

  4. Friends slow cooker is available for order on BoxLunch for $59.90

  5. Bomb Pop Middle S'mores