Look Who's Smiling at You!


June 15, 2017

Today is National Smile Power Day (6/15). Spread the Smiles today. It can make everyone feel better.  
Look who's smiling here... 

It's Tito (yes, Tito Jackson) smiling w/ me!!!  I've heard that Tito's new album Tito Time can create big smiles too!

Huey's smiling for you.... and his toy too! You add a treat it would be an even bigger smile.


honey Ted has his smile going for you. When you have that much teepee nearby, you can't help but smile. I'm smiling, but confused where to look.. I'm the worst selfie taker... LOL.. which those photos can make you smile even more.  

Share those smiles, when you feel it's a smile time! #SmilePower