Look Who's Sweet 16!

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February 12, 2018

So do you CELEBRATE your Furbaby's B-days? honey Ted & I always have w/ Huey because he's not just a pet, he's our family.. our furbaby. Huey has taught us so may things these past 16 years.. which includes how to Love even more.. Humility.. Patience....

This year was extra special because Huey's ailments and his age are taking over at a much faster pace the past couple of days. About  1 1/2 years ago we found out Huey had an enlarged heart issue, which is common for small furbabies and Shih Tzus too. It gets bigger as they get older. The medicine to help keep him comfortable and maybe slow it up a bit causes issues w/ his kidneys.  Well, the vet thought even w/ medicine to help w/ his quality of life, he would maybe have another 6 months.  Well, honey Ted's Fantastic care of his sidekick and Big Love from both sides.. has given Huey another year plus on top of that. 

Now throw in a neurological issue w/ Huey's back legs which also happens w/ older age.. since he turned Sweet 16.. that's around 112 in peeps years.  So no Big Surprise the ailments are kicking in Big Time.. especially w/ the legs.. off balance.. giving out on him. . Our new space we moved in has the faux wood flooring, which is slick. We have rugs down all over for him, but of course he refuses to walk on them all the time. This makes the wonky back leg issue even worse.  He looks at us like he doesn't understand what's going on, and why can't we fix it.?! Add shaking and not eating very much... It all comes together winding down our Sweet 16 Huey's journey w/ us.  No matter how much time you have w/ Loved ones, it's never enough. I broke down when I was in bed last night because I hate seeing Huey get like this,and not being able to make it better. 

But... the Fun Silly parts of the journey of life, helps w/ the heartbreaking pain, that will only get worse before it gets better. For now, we're keeping Huey comfortable and going w/ the plan we had over 1 1/2 years ago... Quality... not quantity!  For those who treat their furbabies like their kiddos.. part of the family.. .. they'll understand. Those who don't understand ...Why all the fuse over a pet? ... I Respect that, but I DON'T AGREE  w/ it! 

THANK YOU to all who have sent Huey well wishes for his Sweet 16!  It makes it even more special!  Big Hugs to y all! You Rock! Huey, Heather & honey Ted