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Lucky Charms Inspired Adult Beverage

February 26, 2019

ID 43092639 © Pamela Mcadams | Dreamstime.com


Smartmouth Brewing Company in Norfolk, VA area has put a beer twist on a popular cereal.  It's getting a whole lot of social media Love! The big question of the day ...
WOULD YOU DRINK IT? #LuckyCharmsBeer 

honey Ted (RaidersAustin) has a good question that makes me wonder about the Lucky Charms Combo.
Raiders Austin:  If you add the beer to the cereal do the flavors cancel out?
Sheryl B. : Well then I will most certainly pass...LOL!!

Come to find out #LuckyCharmsBeer inspiration made an appearance in Cedar Park months ago Red Horn CoffeeHouse and Brewery Co.

Wonder if Red Horn folks will make more? My interest is defnitely way up since I found out from Taylor it existed much closer to home ... now Snicker's Beer also sounds interesting too... 

Bonus Beer that's the real deal out.. #StrawberryLemonadeNattyLight  Would you drink this?