Here's a Remake of Madonna's Like a Virgin in a newbie Netflix Movie

Your Vote: Madonna vs. Mötley Crüe

March 26, 2019

Photo Credit: Ron Elkman USA TODAY


Mötley Crüe's 'The Dirt' was recently released on Netflix w/ the soundtrack including 4 new tunes, which includes this remake of Madonna's 'Like A Virgin'Nikki Sixx tells how this happened.Take a listen...

I haven't seen it yet. But it's on our want to see list. honey Ted still goes old school w/ Netflix w/ the dvds.  It will be a bit before I see it that way. I have noticed some reviews say it's kinda boring, which I don't understand how that could be.  If you've read the book The Dirt by Nikki Sixx the movie is based on, there is nothing boring about it.  I'm surprised Nikki lived to tell the many stories & happenings he and Mötley Crüe as a whole survived! If you haven't read the book, I highly recommend doing it.. before or even after watching The Dirt.  

So who does it better? Madonna or Mötley Crüe. Here's Madonna's version for a refresher.. 

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