Happy Green Halloween Things for 2018


October 12, 2018

ID 100058202 © Shaiith | Dreamstime.com


Halloween will be here soon!  A fun time filled w/ costumes, decorations and goodies. There are many ways to Keep Mama Earth Clean by Keeping Halloween Green. Many affordable & Fun #1THINGs you can do. 

Go Green Halloween during 2018:

  • Trick or Treat with Reusable Bags or decorate an old pillowcase or bucket that you can use every year.​
  • Create a Creepy Cool Costume with things you have around your home.  Boxes can Rock a Clean Green Halloween . Keep Makeup Chemical & Cruelty Free! 
  • Chemical & Cruelty Free Makeup  avoid the toxins. 
  • Green Halloween Treats & Treasures  Click here!  Go Organic with Pumpkin Carving Fun! After Halloween Recycle Pumpkins for Wildlife
  • Eco-Friendly Halloween Party - Start w/ E-invites. Ditch the paper & plastic and use washable plates, cups and napkins. Compost. Shop local & organic when it comes to food & treats. 

Grab lots more here!