Mama Betty's Chocolate Cobbler Almost FAIL ... to Success!?!!!

Lesson Learned: Label your ingredient containers

January 14, 2019

Heather's 1st Attempt


Yesterday, I ran across Mama Betty's Chocolate Cobbler recipe, and thought why not. honey Ted is normally afraid of the word Cobbler, since that usually means w/ some type of fruit. He's not much of a fruit in dessert kind of guy. I figured this sounds yummy perfect. 

I had all the ingredients. I did each layer, and had it all ready to go. When I was putting my ingredients away, I looked at the container thinking I must have switched out the flour from the larger container to the smaller one. When I got to the shelf, I realized I caught  an ALMOST BIG FAIL! I grabbed the POWERED SUGAR instead of the FLOUR! The recipe already has a bunch of sugar & brown sugar in it and I added another cup of powdered sugar and NO FLOUR!  I thought it was strange the bottom was more runny than dough like.  NO FLOUR would do that!  There was no way I could fix it.  So I had to start all over.

My second attempt mixing and layering it up to bake in the form of a Chocolate Cobbler worked.  I learned why it's important to label containers, and pay attention to what you are grabbing.  If you make it w/ flour, and no added sugar, it's really yummy, and already sweet.  I call it Mama Betty's Chocolate Cobbler, because it came from her recipe box.  You can see she borrowed it. 

Mama Betty's Borrowed Chocolate Cobbler Recipe

Next time, I'm going to see if I double the recipe and add a bit less liquid, if I can give it more of a pie -like yumminess! Maybe add some pecans or some type of nut.. Chocolate Cobbler Nut Pie?  Flour needed!  Give it a try! 

I say a Chocolate Cobbler would be a perfect end after a BBQ meal that normally has Peach / Apple Cobbler or Banana Pudding, which are yummy.  But if you are craving some Chocolate, this is pretty darn yummy! Works great for non-fruit Cobbler Fans too, especially when there's flour in it! 

Mama Betty's Borrowed Chocolate Cobbler Recipe in a Pie Plate

honey Ted enjoyed the 2nd attempt. I can only imagine what his face would have been like if I hadn't caught the Almost FAIL! Sometimes the Almost Fails are the Best things that can happen in Life and the lessons learned ...