There's a petition going around to move Halloween.

Are you 'For' of 'Against' moving Halloween?

October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween! Would you want to see it move next year? Rather than being October 31st.. Halloween could fall on the last Saturday of October. I understand both sides of this. Why do people want to change things all the time?  The other side, if Halloween moved, then many families could be less stressed about getting out and Trick or Treating on a Saturday. Most would have more time to get ready and get lots of treats. What do you think?

I think I'd stick w/ Halloween staying on 10/31. The main reason.. it was my Mama Betty's birthday (RIP). Celebrating Halloween on her birthday made it even more fun. What if we could call Halloween a National Holiday? Petition to get the day off as a National Holiday. Another option that might work for most without hurting the tradition of Halloween on 10/31! 

Have a Happy & Safe Halloween!  The Zombie Clauses  #HeatherandhoneyTed