Top 10 Reasons NOT to move to Austin!


February 19, 2019

Black & White ATX photo created by ME


There are lots of lists and countdowns with reasons why others SHOULD MOVE to AUSTIN! I always see a lot of Mix Facebook friends say.. 'NO!!.. We don't need anymore people moving to AUSTIN!' It's losing it's weirdness, it's culture and becoming to much of a typical Big City as it continues to grow. A few thoughts that I have seen in posts. AUSTIN has close to 1 million people, and counting surrounding areas ... close to 2 million. That makes for way worse traffic (100 hours stuck), rent / housing becoming more & more unaffordable, and the overtaking of ATX culture of 'Keep Austin Weird'. Those are the 3 biggies I see & hear from others who don't want more people in AUSTIN!

Of course AUSTIN has way more positives, which make it attractive to others to move to ATX  ... Calling it Home Sweet Home!  Well, this could their mind ... 

Top 10 Reasons NOT to MOVE to Austin!