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September 5, 2019

Rudy is honey Ted & Heather's Furbaby Kiddo


A recent study shows shows about a quarter of Texas couples (especially younger ones) have dogs, cats / pets rather than kiddos.The average number of UNPAID DAYS taken to care for their pets is 4.
Click here  to see how Texas stands up against other states & their pet parents. 

honey Ted & I are Pet Parents. New ones for a couple of months w/ Rudy.  Over a year ago, we were Happy Pet Parents for Huey until he was 16.  Rudy doesn't realize how spoiled he is.

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If your furbaby / pet was sick would you take an UNPAID DAY off?

Yes- I would take time off to care for my furbaby / pet
80% (8 votes)
Maybe - It depends on what the circumstances are at the time.
20% (2 votes)
No- I would NOT take time off to care for my furbaby / pet
Total votes: 10