Masks by J.C. ... Helping to Save Lives One Mask at a Time! Love Mine!

J.C. is a Central Texas Hero!

June 19, 2020
Heather Masks by JC

Update Friday, June 19, 2020:

Heather Masks by JC

I finally have a COOL MASK that fits my face. LOVE IT!  Makeup is not a friend of a mask, so having one that fits, and you LOVE .. really makes a difference. YOU ROCK! J.C.! THANK YOU SO MUCH.  I LOVE THEM ALL! The inspiring message with them too... a thought we all need to remember... 

YES! They are reversible too! J. C. so Rocks! 

Masks by JC


I had mentioned on the air that I was having trouble finding a cool mask that fit my face correctly. I got a 'Hey' on the Mix FB page from J.C. who said if I would like a mask, she would get me one for FREE. Sent me her FB page with all the 411. At the time she was getting close to making 900 masks. That is 900 different people taking care of others and themselves w/ the help of J.C. and her masks.

J.C. is doing her part with stopping the spread of COVID-19. Even with a 50 hour work week and family, she finds the time to make them to help with the safety and health of others. She plans to keep on making them while she's able too. Like J.C.'s page : Masks by J.C @coveryourfaceandgivesixfeetofspace  "Just a girl trying to help her community one mask at a time. Free face masks for anyone who needs them. #slowthespreadtexas"

No money is needed, but donations can be made here: 

Big You Rocks to J.C. a Central Texas Hero helping to #TakeTexasForward One Mask at a Time!