ATX Celebrates Bike Month! Get Ready for Bike to Work Day!

Friday, May 17th w/ Bike Austin!

May 14, 2019

piovesempre / GettyImages


May is Bike Month!  The city of Austin is no stranger to Biking. More & more bike lanes are being created as the number of cyclists continues to grow. Each bike ride helps  w/ the awful ATX traffic and pollution that is created. May is a perfect month to get the Fun Bike message out there. Encourage families, friends, co-workers to bike together. If you live close to work, or fun times out, try biking to it. You may find you enjoy it. Biking can be a fun way to get exercise and helping out Mama Earth too! 

During Bike Month there is National #BikeToWorkDay. This year it's on Friday, May 17, 2019. The goal to have more bike pedals being pushed rather than gas pedals in ATX! 

Bike Austin is a huge supporter of all that is ATX Biking! Here's what to expect. B2WD on Friday, May 17th! 

  • 40 FUELING STATIONS w/ free coffee, snacks, & swag! Map of fueling stations Volunteer opps 
  • Join one of the Ghisallo Cycling Initiative‘s leader-led Bike Trains, stop at a music-centric fueling station ,or enjoy the festivities at City Hall.
  • Bike After Work Party with a dj and delicious beverages at Cheer Up Charlie’s, 5-8pm! Pick up a Bicycle Passport at any morning fueling station and collect stamps at each subsequent station you visit. Your passport gets you free access to the Party, and each stamp you collect enters you into a door prize drawing, featuring great prizes from our SPONSORS!
  • Live far from work? Use Cap Metro and their bike racks to help shorten the distance!

If you’re new to bicycling or starting back up again after a long hiatus going over basic information will get you ready for success.  Equipment to have... ATX bicycle laws & codes...ATX bicycle map... Safety class... Lots more bicycling resources. Find them here!  Bicycling is 1THING that helps you and the ATX community. #B2WD.  Two wheels / one wheel whatever you're most comfortable with to get your Biking on ATX!