A Microbe Discovery to Help Planet Earth Came from ATX!

Give It Up for Scientists at UT! HOOK'EM!

November 29, 2018

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Austin is known for it's  Music, BBQ, Festivals, Football / HOOK'EM  & more... How about helping to #SavePlanetEarth? This can be added to the list of why it Rocks to live in ATX!  Scientists from The University of Texas at Austin's Marine Science Institute made a discovery of new types of Microbes that use hydrocarbons like methane and butane as energy sources to survive and grow. This means the newly discovered bacteria could be helping with limiting the concentrations of greenhouse gases and one day could be useful for cleaning up oil spills.

Assistant professor of Marine Science, Brett Baker said, "This shows the deep oceans contain expansive unexplored biodiversity, and microscopic organisms there are capable of degrading oil and other harmful chemicals... Beneath the ocean floor huge reservoirs of hydrocarbon gases--including methane, propane, butane and others--exist now, and these microbes prevent greenhouse gases from being released into the atmosphere." The study was co-authored by former UT postdoctoral researcher Nina Dombrowski and University of North Carolina professor Andreas P. Teske.

Baker's team investigates how the microbial communities and the nutrients the environment makes available to them interact by taking samples and then extracting DNA. Samples have been taken at the Guaymas Basin for several years, with the help of other scientists across the world. They have been getting samples in the area they haven't before. The samples have been taken by using the Alvin submersible.. the same sub that found THE TITANIC! The paper is out this week in Nature Communications. Click here for more! Congrats to the University of Texas Keeping Austin on the Environmentally Friendly list w/ a huge 1THING finding ... Microbes that could #SavethePlanet! HOOK'EM! 

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