Mindfulness can help you stuck at home with a full mind.

Ways to look after your Mental Health

April 6, 2020
MInd Full Mindfulness

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Being stuck at home sucks due to the COVID-19 outbreak. That's the basic feelings of most during this time. With constant changing of news w/ the coronavirus. It is causing family, life and public event cancellations and more which causes the build up of anxiety, fears and anger to grow. These types of negative reactions and feelings that build up the stress is bad for our bodies and brains.  When your mind is full of so much negative, it's hard to find a way to release it. Finding an escape for your brain to give it some TLC is helping with your mental health.  

 I ran across this write up, and thought it had several helpful tips that can help with freeing up the mind to a healthier state.Trying something to make you feel better that is good for your body and brain is a plus. 

See what you think about working on Mindfulness. Mindfulness is defined as the practice of paying attention to the present moment, without judgement. Mindfulness helps to 'develop a new habit that helps weaken old and unhelpful thinking habits.' Becoming aware of the present moment to be able to enjoy your surroundings. Practicing Mindfulness can help you understand how your brain works, and cause yourself to learn how NOT to get caught up in your emotions.

Ideas given for daily Mindfulness practice:

  • Take a slow walk, which makes you focus on the movement of your feet
  • Eat a meal quietly / and  slowly. Focus on the textures and tastes of everybite
  • Gentle yoga
  • Try apps that offer meditations such as Headspace, Breathe and Calm. Here's an 11 Best list that came out. 

This write up has many helpful tips for mental health dealing with physical, self care and more here! 

My mind gets full constanty. Stress builds up ... anxiety forms.. which causes my body to react. Many times in the form of IBS attacks. If it's not food triggers, it's stress, and together is a dozzy especially during these times. I tend to eat more sugar, which triggers it. I enjoy baking to help relieve stress, but I have to be careful what I bake. Keeping these things in mind, and trying to act on them in a positive way, can only be helpful with mental and physical health.  I wish you the best with practicing Mindfulness. I'll need lots of help w/ this too. I figure trying things like this can only help. Helping each other during Social/ Physical Distancing is definitely a positive. If you have Mindfulness tips that help you, please share. Email me at heather@mix947.com  

Remember You Rock! Take Care ... Heather R.