Have you heard of Fridge Velcro for Leftovers?

Have these 3 foods in your kitchen ...

January 9, 2019

Heather's frig leftovers


I ran across a write up about 6 mistakes most do when it comes to Leftovers. If you're like me, you pack up the Leftovers  with the idea you will eat it later. Later can cause many Leftovers to get pushed to the back. Only re-discovered much later when your nose catches an unpleasant smell coming from the fridge. This write up has some great ideas / suggestions for Leftover Eating Success. 

6 Mistakes too many people make with their Leftovers

  1. Lazy when it comes to reheating -  Nuking them in the microwave isn't always the way to go. Try heating things like leftover pizza in your oven. Crispy will happen rather than soggy pizza.
  2. You're lacking Creativity  Rather than calling them 'Leftovers', think of them as 'Ingredients'. Changing your mindset that it's an ingredient you have to make your next meal. You will find something yummy can come from it. Steak you brought home would go nicely w / mushroom soup & pasta.. creating a stroganoff. Creativity with 'Ingredients' can create Yumminess in the kitchen.
  3. Stop w/ the Botched Storage  Storing 'Leftovers' makes a big difference on how it keeps. Air is a big enemy when storing older eats. If stored in a bag, be sure to 'Burp It' to get the extra air out. Being mindful that storage can give your 'Leftovers' a longer life. 
  4. Stop giving up the 'Best Stuff'  Don't toss them because you think they're done. Stale bread w/ a bit of olive oil, and cut up, can turn into yummy crutons. Soft fruit can be frozen and made into a smoothie. Don't give up too soon!
  5. A Messy Fridge causes more toss outs  Clean up your fridge. Put your Leftovers in a container that allows food visibility. Organize the things in your fridge in categories or ways you know how to find them. The more visible the 'Leftover' the sooner you will eat it. It won't be out-of-sight-out-of-mind.
  6. 'Refrigerator Velcro' is a Leftover Saver  Many cooks & chefs have their 'Fridge Velcro' to create yummy meals from their Leftovers. This got me thinking about honey Ted. He's been known to whip up 'Stuff in a Pan' with Leftovers and foods we have handy in the kitchen. There has been some 'Fridge Velcro' being used in my home. Having food staples available makes all the difference

'Holy Trinity of Fridge Velcro' 

  • ​​rice
  • pasta
  • tortilla chips

Having these 3 staples in your kitchen create a meal out of almost any kind of Leftover.  Check out more here   I have found eggs / egg whites,  PB2 / Peanut Butter and plain Greek Yogurt are yummy staples to have as 'Fridge Velcro' too. What foods do you always have in your kitchen that would be considered 'Fridge Velcro' for Leftovers?