The Rule of 3s with a New Furbaby

Rules to Remember while Potty / Training

July 11, 2019

Saturday (7/13) will be 2 weeks we've had our Puppy Rudy as part of our family. We adopted him from Austin Pets Alive!  Rudy's a Cutie Sweetie .. most of the time. Then #PurePuppyPower takes over for awhile, and Rudy is FULL ON GO .. which includes doing his business anywhere & connecting those sharp puppy baby teeth on whatever is nearby. It's been a long while since we've gone through Puppy Time. It can be frustrating when you think they have a bit of a handle on where to potty. They did it w/ success 2 times in a row, then later in the day it's 3 times on the rug / floor...even a running poo, which makes for a messy cleanup.  Then back on track again ... emotions go up & down...

Rudy's favorite things to chew on ... bones, his toys .. toes... fingers... arms... clothing while you're wearing it. Those puppy teeth can hurt when you get a surprise bite on your big toe. honey Ted & I are taking it day by day knowing it's only been close to a couple of weeks. He's a puppy it's going to take a while ... having patience, and praising & rewarding the 'Good Boy' positives. Getting closer to Week 3 of the 3s, and looking forward to learning more about our true lil Ru! 

Mix Facebook Friend Debbie shared the Rule of 3s  with me that would help during the puppy potty / training time.  I wanted to share it w/ you too. Thanks Debbie for this!  honey Ted & I  will be sure to remember them when Rudy's #PurePuppyPower takes over! 

Debbie L. Just remember the Rule of 3's with a new pet and you will get through it!

  1. 3 days and your new pet is testing you,  
  2. 3 weeks they have acclimated and their true personality will start to emerge, and they will start to learn what is expected
  3. 3 months you will have another challenging period

The goal is getting past the Rule of 3's successfully. Until then, taking each moment w/ Rudy as it comes... Makes Life that much Grander!  Rudy's a Keeper! Even when he's playing tug of war with your yoga pants while you're wearing them. He's surprisely strong for such a 'lil guy.  Rudy Rocks!  #HeatherandhoneyTed