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Favorites & Tips to Staying Safe & Warm

November 13, 2018

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AN EARLY IN THE SEASON CCCOOOLLLDDD ARTIC BLAST HIT ATX/ surrounding areas! A couple of days w/ freezing and near freezing temps the first half of the week. Until we get back to our upper '60s & lower ''70s, the normal temp this time of year. We seemed to skip Fall and land right on Winter w/ these cold temperatures. While we are in this Artic Blast, look out for each other making sure we are all staying Safe & Warm. We have yet another Freeze Warning tonight (Tuesday 11/13) into tomorrow  morning (Wednesday 11/14) with temperatures in the '20 including ATX! 

Remember to check on the 3 Ps: People, Pets & Plants.  When it comes to driving, be sure your windshield wipers work. Check the fluids that they are full and not frozen. Check your tire presssure. Cold is really hard on those.  Of course bundle up, layers are a must, so you don't overheat w/ the heat at full blast inside. If seat warmers in rides isn't a standard have in a ride, they need to be.  

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