Here's what you do if you encounter a Mountain Lion

Do Not Feed!

January 29, 2019

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(CBS Austin) Monday night (1/28/19) a mountain lion was roaming around Leander. Police say it was seen in the Mason Hills subdivision, near Crystal Falls Parkway.  A home security camera caught it! Running into mountain lions isn't that common thank goodness. But with more humans moving to the ATX / Central Texas area, more neighborhoods are being created for humans. The areas are getting smaller and smaller for wildlife. Makes sense sightings and encounters can happen. Here are some helpful guidelines the Leander Police has shared. #SpreadtheWord  #StaySafe 

DO NOT PET  A MOUNTAIN LION! THEY ARE WILD ANIMALS ... NOT PETS! #DoNotPetMountainLions #DoNotFeedMountainLions  #AvoidGettingSelfieswithaMountainLion (too close) 

Texas Parks & Wildlife Department guidelines on mountain lion sightings or encounters: