Move over Pups! Chickens in Tutus are Taking Over! Check out the full line!

Would you put a Tutu on a chicken?

January 29, 2020
Bulldog in Tutu

WilleeCole / GettyImages


Pups in Tutus can be cute, if you're into the Pet Tutu Thingie. The newest Pets w/ Tutus Trend Craze is ... CHICKENS IN TUTUS! Imagine bunches of CHICKENS prancing around in a Tutu! Could make for a fun Tik Tok video.  

Here's a full line on Etsy to get your Chicken Tutu prancing... 

Neon Rainbow Chicken Tutu

Sherbert ChickenTutu

Peacock Chicken Tutu 

Patriotic Chicken Tutu

Bonus: Pink Tutu on Amazon

The line shows Chicken Tutu Love, but they look to fit most small pets like doggies & kitties. I think Rudy would Rock the Rainbow Tutu!  I have a strong feeling he'll pass. The Tutu wouldn't last very long on him. Look what he did to his new nerf ball in less than two hours ... a Tutu wouldn't have a chance w/ Rudy Roo! 

Rudy Roo
Rudy Roo showing the Nerf Ball who's boss! January 2020

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