Must try Lemon Pound Cake Bread

Get Your Summer Baking On!

June 29, 2020
 TJs Lemon Bread

I've seen this Meyer's Lemon Cake Mix a few times on my visits to Trader Joe's. My last visit, I decide to give it a try. I'm not sure why, but lemon cakes / breadsus always seem to taste even yummier during summertime. I was pleasantly surprised how tasty Trader Joe's Lemon Cake came out, since I made it more like a bread, rather than cake. A bit healtier for the summer too. I have no doubt that the ingredients used on the box would make a ffantastic lemon pound cake ,,,, 

Lemon Bread 2

Especially after making it with my substitutions. It came out more pound cake bread like than other box mixes I have substituted ingredients. Once sitting in the frig, it gets even a bit more dense, which makes it even yummier. 

Heather's Meyer Lemon Cake Mix ingredient subs:

1 Box Meyer Lemon Cake Mix
2 TBs of egg white (equals 1 large egg)
1 cup of lemonade (Trader Joe's organic)  I highly suggest using lemonade when making it the regular way. An even more lemon punch in a yummy way. 
1/2 cup of non-fat plain greek yogurt

Mix the batter until smooth. It will be thick. Pour in a greased / parchment paper on the bottom loaf pan. Baked at 350 around 50-55 minutes. After 30-40 minutes check the top, it gets rather brown. Put tin foil on top for the rest of the baking so it doesn't burn. Let cool for 45 minutes.  Glaze w/ the mix in the box which calls for more butter. 

Lemon Bread 2 glaze

Heather's glaze sub
1 pouch of glaze mix ( in box)
2 TBs lemonade 
no butter

Mixed the pouch and lemonade together. Once the lemon pound cake bread has cooled. I put the glaze on. Got my grub on! It's keeps well in the frig, gets even a bit denser. Also it's not spongy / springy like some box mixes can be when egg whites sub for the egg. I think it Yummy Rocks!

Lemon Bread multi (1)  500

Definitely worth trying. It's even delish w/ vanilla ice cream / frozen yogurt. Blueberries / Strawberries with cream making some shortcake / bread action would Rock too.  Since pineapple is a biggie this year, putting a bit of pineapple chucks in the batter would be extra yummy. I think that will be my next run on this Lemon Yummy! 

Lemon bread 1 775x517