The Newest Trend in Picnicking ... Mystery Picnics!

Enjoy a Unique Picnic Experience where you live!

June 20, 2019

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Have you heard about Mystery Picnics?  I just found out about it, and it sounds like a really cool experience. The Mystery Picnic experience is described as a 'Self-guided food & Adventure Experience'. Planning is supposed to be easy. You select your destination. Using your smart phone you solve clues & riddles that will take you to local artisan producers where you will collect delicious ingredients. The end of the journey takes you to a secret picnic spot where you'll enjoy all the food you gathered.  The cost which includes everything needed for the Mystery Picnic experience starts from $45 for individuals, $90 for couples to $120 for families of 4. The word is while gathering picnic goodies you'll discover new things about where you live creating a unique experience w/ loved ones / friends. 

 Looks like 3 main things happen to create the Mystery Picnic :

  1. Browse the destinations where ou live & book your Mystery Picnic online
  2. You'll solve clues on your smart phone to retrieve the gourmet food goodies needed for your picnic
  3. You'll end in a beautiful picnic spot, you might not have known existed where you live, to enjoy what you collected

It sounds like it could be a cool gift idea too.  Giving an experience that can be enjoyed & remembered. 

Why A Mystery Picnic? Let's say honey Ted & I decided to do a 'Mystery Picnic Date' ... 

  1. A unique experience for couples, designed to have you connecting more
  2. A stress free date, it's organize and everything paid for. (all inclusive price)
  3. Everything you need is included, a stunning picnic spread from local artisan producers
  4. Discover new parts of the city
  5. Available any day of the week

Booking it 3 days aheads is required. There's light walking. Start time before midday. It's a 5-6 hour round trip. You can request dietary requirements .. vegetarian , vegan & gluten free. Many destinations are available in and nearby the city you live. In our case.. ATX.. checking out the couples destination choices such as Mount Bonnell, Zilker Barton, So Co, East Austin, San Marcos, Georgetown and more.. 

I'm not normally a picnic girl. Outside elements messing w/ what I'm eating isn't really fun to me. But Mystery Picnics seems to have taken the stress of normal picnics you may encounter and added extra fun to it. This is not an advertisement either. I just happen to run across it, and it caught my interest!  Let me know if your try it out! I'll do the same. Our 18th Wedding Anniversary (together 9 years before . 27 years together) is coming up the end of June. This could be Fun! Heather & honey Ted

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