Cool Thingies to do on Pet Day!

Bust Out the Photos!

April 11, 2019

Huey RIP February 2018


Happy Pet Day! Although many times you treat your pet much more like a kiddo. honey Ted & I certainly did for 16 years with our Huey (RIP). I totally get the Big Love for your Pet. The purpose of today is to celebrate the JOY pets / kiddos bring to our lives each day.This can include those pets who are no longer with us. It's also a day to remember there are many animals waiting for forever homes in shelters all across the nation.  

Do Pet Checks:

  • Go through toys & toss ones that are unsafe. A great reason for new toy shopping. 
  • Maintain a pet-friendly home. Keep cords, phone chargers and toxins secured and away.
  • Make sure vaccinations are up to date, and schedule appointments for those that are due. Update paper work with rental owners / management
  • Make sure collar tags are secure and updated.

Here are ways you can celebrate the day:

  • Take a walk
  • Get a new toy & treats (you tossed old ones)
  • Spa Day 
  • Donate to shelters
  • Take more photos. Never enough photos.  Share photos too!
  • Adopt a Pet  click here 

Share YOUR Pet photos ...

It's been over a year (Feb 2018) since our Baby Huey passed! We still miss him terribly, so Pet Day is bittersweet. There's still Heartache that he isn't with us physically, but we celebrate the 16 years of JOY & LOVE ( w/ lots of stubborn / cuteness mixed in ) he brought to our lives. We'll know when the time feels right to have more Furbaby Love in our home. Have a Happy Pet Day whether you're celebrating w/ them, or remembering them. Know they are always with you in heart, mind & spirit! Heather & honey Ted

Big Love to our Bunny Angel Huey (Da Bubbas) RIP 2018