Need a Mask? Support with Local Love that Keeps Giving

Luna's Mom can cover your face & another's too!

June 16, 2020
Luna w /a Bumble Bee Mask made by Luna's Mom!

Luna w /a Bumble Bee Mask made by Luna's Mom!


Hi, I recently put a FB post up about the new Dunkin masks, which I'm looking forward to getting the 'Pink Dunkin Half Donut Mask'. Part of the proceeds go to charity which is always a winner. 

In this post I received a comment from Luna ... 

Luna Leonne  "My mom is selling her custom face masks in the Austin area, each one bought she makes one to donate to anyone who can’t afford one + gives to hospitals/nursing homes. Support locals too!"

Me: "Mix 94.7 Luna Leonne  "I will share the local love too. What's the 411 on your Mama's masks? You Rock! Heather R."

Here's how to reach Luna's Mom to purchase a mask and help prevent the spread of COVID-19 while taking care of others and yourself.  You Rock ... Luna's Mom for helping to #TakeTexasForward with masks that pay it forward for others in ATX!