Big Time Tissue Alert when watching this movie!

Five Feet Apart!

August 6, 2019

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honey Ted &  I had a recent Movie Date Night at home watching Five Feet Apart. I had seen some commercials about it, but never heard a lot about it once it got in theaters in March. When it came time to pick more Netflix movies to watch ... Five Feet Apart got in the mix. honey Ted & I were surprised just how good Five Feet Apart is . It's Intriguing, Inspirational, Heartbreaking, Happy and more throughout the movie. 

  It centers around a few characters that have been living in the hospital for a big part of their lives fighting Cystic Fibrosis. Stella ( Haley Lu Richardson - The Edge of Seventeen, Split and Columbus ) a 17-yr -old who spends much of her time on her laptop living in a hospital as a CF patient. She has her routines, boundaries and sef-control, which is put to the test when she meets CF patient Will (Cole Sprouse - Ross from Friends son, Riverdale) Added to the great character mix is Stella's Gay BFF Poe who is also a CF patient. ( Moisés Arias -Hannah Montana, Biaggio Sundance film The Kings of Summer)

Five Feet Apart is one of the Best Character movies we both have seen in a long time. One of the Best Young Love / Love stories in a movie.  A movie that made me UGLY CRY... and smiling right afterwards. I had a rollercoaster of feelings going through the entire movie. I thought everyone from the lead CF patients, to the nurses & doctors they knew like family, parents and friends ... everyone's part fit them.  Stella & Will's developing Love from the day they met to the end is believable, which makes it that more Happy & Ugyling Crying Good! Great Netflix grab n' watch for sure! We both feel it's a Great Movie Date Night at Home Movie! HAVE LOTS OF TISSUES next to your Popcorn! Rudy gives it 2 Paws Up! #HeatherandhoneyTed