A New Two - Ingredient Cocktail to try this Weekend!

Breakfast / Brunch Martini

May 16, 2019

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Happy Friday Eve! Got Brunch plans? Mimosas are weekend Breakfast / Brunch favs for many. Easy to make w/ two -ingredients, OJ & Champagne. Well, there's another Breakfast/ Brunch Cocktail that's getting social media attention, and popping up during weekend brunches. The word is it beats a Mimosa hands down.  I'm figuring that's all in opinion, but it does sound interesting to try. Especially w/ the Memorial Day Weekend coming soon.  Something different ...Two - Ingredient Breakfast Martini

If you have Gin & (not juice but) Jam at home, then you are set.  The word is this combo is AWESOME! Especially depending on what type of Jam you use!  Here's the basic recipe, that is supposed to blow the Mimosa out of the brunch!  

Two - Ingredient Breakfast Martini

  • Gin or Vodka also works - their measurement 'pour some'? 
  • Jam - A spoonful of your favorite jam, preserve, jelly or marmalade / more of a citrus is suggested such as Orange Maralade. Or Berry Jam. It's suggested to stay away from fruit butters. Too much pectin and don't cocktail well.


  • Grab a spoonful of your favorite jam and put it in a cocktail mixer 
  •  Pour some Gin over the Jam  and work out your arms shaking it up. If you're stirring, stir vigorously!
  • Pour in a Martini Glass.. done!

Breakfast / Brunch Martini!  Think this will be better than a Mimosa? Have to try it out & see!