New Horror Movies Out for Halloween

#HorrorMovies #Halloween2017

October 10, 2017

honey Ted & I like to watch a Horror movie or 2 or more leading up to / Halloween. Some of our classic Halloween Horror favs. (the originals).. Halloween, The Exorcist, Friday the 13th, HellRaiser, Nightmare on Elm Street  to name a few.  We also like to dress up when the event feels right for it, which is how the Zombie Ball got us one year in the Christmas / Halloween spirit (photo above). Well, I ran across this list of New Horror movies for #Halloween2017. There are so many more than I have even heard about. I wanted to share it w/ you. Here are a few I'd love to see /w honey Ted.  In fact we have a Halloween Horror Movie Date Night in the planning stage to see the comeback of JIGSAW.. YES! It's on this list.

Happy Death Day
In theaters Friday, October 13

A Horror Groundhog Day type movie.. A young women keeps reliving a loop of a day of getting killed over & over, and will continue to have this happen until she gets to the slasher first. Interesting...


The Snowman
In theaters Friday, October 20th

This one looks Freaky Scary..I have never been a huge fan of snowmen. They are a bit freaky to me. 

In theaters Friday, October 20th

Daniel Radcliffe takes the lead in this non-obvious horrish movie. It's based on a true story getting left in the Jungle. It looks pretty scary! 


On DVD  Tuesday, October 24th

The 1st one FREAKED hONEY TED OUT! I was too. This needs to go on our Netflix list!


In theaters Friday, October 27th!
#HeatherandhoneyTed Halloween Horror Movie Date Night in the planning stages for this one. We've seen all the SAWs all on or around Halloween. Then they stopped making them.. He's making some kind of comeback .. A Must See... 

Click here for the entire list! it should keep you Scary Busy for the rest of October! May the Horror stay in these movies. It's scary to think, and to say, the way the world is these days, the horror is worse than the movies in some cases. That is REAL SCARY,...  weird that Horror movies now a days is an escape from the 'REAL SCARY'.  Have Happy Halloween Fun, by keeping the horror in the movies.