12 Myths About Coffee You Might Not Want to Believe!

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August 14, 2018

I ran across this list of Coffee Myths and thought I would share w/ you. I have heard several of these, and not sure if I want to believe these are all myths.  Check out the list and see what you think?

12 Myths About Coffee Debunked:

  1. Having an afternoon cup of coffe, around 2 or 3pm, will keep you from sleeping later.  Supposedly 75% of it is filtered through the body 4-7 hours, so this is a myth for most. Especially, honey Ted since he drinks coffee all the time, and can sleep right away. Me, I don't drink a lot of caffeine ,and still can't sleep. Maybe I need coffee to sleep.
  2. . You need to use boiling water on the grounds. - Many say this is a No, No! Boiling water takes a lot of the oil out of the coffee grounds, and can even scorch making the coffee taste burnt. Burnt coffee is AWFUL tasting no matter what flavoring you put w/ it! 

  3. Coffee Dehydrates You - There is actually more water per coffee, so the water makes up for the caffeine that is what could dehydrate you. You should be dehydrated from drinking coffee. I'm wondering if this myth could come from those who have smaller bladders, and end up peeing a lot after drinking a cup of coffee? That would be me, I have to monitor coffee / liquid intake... 

  4. Coffee will cure your hangover - It would be nice if it did, but NO.  Back in the day I felt better when I drank water, took a multi-vitamin and had BK Chicken tenders/ fingers before I passed out, and repeated when I finally woke up.  Supposedly exercise helps, but it's not easy jumping around w/ a pounding headache. As I've gotten older, I've found hangovers just aren't worth it, so I try to avoid them. 

  5. Coffee helps you lose weight - The caffeine in it can curb the hunger, and some even put butter in it. But there haven't been enough studies to prove this is true. I wouldn't make it your go to diet.

  6. Coffee is highly addictive - No & a little yes. The caffeine in coffee can cause your body wanting it, but the word is withdrawal takes a day or two. It's not a gateway drug.

  7. Coffee stunts your growth - No one knows how this myth started, but it's hasn't been proven, according to this list.  I found it not to be true for me because I was the tallest girl in my class until 6th grade. I did stop at 5'11 by 10th grade, so maybe it kept me from hitting 6 ft.  Last time my height was measured I was 5'10, so I could blame my coffee intake (myth or not) rather than the aging process.

  8. . Coffee causes heart disease, cancer...  etc. -This is being called a myth since a study can come out that yes it can cause health issues, than another disproves that.  Enjoying it in moderation seems to be the way to go. A pot a day like honey Ted.. that wouldn't be considered moderation for most. 

  9. Pregnant women shouldn't drink coffee- supposedly a little bit a day isn't bad for pregnant women, but I'm not sure I believe this myth is totally wrong.No reason to gamble while your kid is growing. Going w/ what your doctor suggests is usually the best practice that I have known from friends having a baby.  I wouldn't know first hand, so I really can't have much of an opinion on this... 

  10. The darker the roast, the stronger the coffee - Yes, If you enjoy more acidic testing coffee, and the uneasy feeling it can give your tummy. No, IN mist areas that count for a good cup of coffee.

  11. All coffee has the same amount of caffeine -  NOPE!

  12.  A cup of coffee will sober you up- The caffeine in coffee can make you a bit more alert, but  it does not sober you up. This can be more negative, because feeling more alert tends to make many feel it's okay to drive. You are still the same amount of drunk before you drank the coffee. 

  13. Click here for all the coffee words of wisdom in this list.

Bonus Myth? Coffee can be a great laxative!  The word is this is NOT a MYTH! Something to keep in mind. 

Oh.. having a Coffee Mug that you rarely wash. Being proud of the Coffee Rings it's building up like honey Ted's mug (above).He calls this seasoning the mug. Don't wash it! It's close to perfect in season with your next cup of Coffee. If you do this, it should stop pretty much anyone from using your mug. Might be something to try at work. But be prepared for the 1 that decides they will wash it, and use it! There's always a few who will ruin the seasoning!  Happy Coffee Time! Click here for all the Coffee words of wisdom in this list.