Talented out of work musicians create songs for special life moments

Songlorious 'the Uber' of songwriting.

November 13, 2020
 hiindy22 Getty Images

Songlorious, a company I heard about on CBS Austin the other morning started by Omayya Atout and Ellen Hodges. They got the idea after writing a song for their friend's wedding. Hodges said during the pandemic they were founded. It all came together pretty quickly where musicians were reaching out to them to be part of the beautiful process writing personalized songs for others (customers). There are even musicians from Austin who are part of the talented pool of artists. 

One of Songlorious featured artists is Kate Cosentino / K8 who calls it 'the Uber of song writing'. She's glad to have work doing something along the lines of what she wants to be doing full time. 
Here's a jingle she made for CBS Austin's Morning Crew 

Songlorious has 3 easy steps to have your personalized song created

  1. Pick the genre, mood, and length of your song and give details you want to include. 
  2. They collaborate with their artists to create a completely new customized song just for you
  3. They send your custom song within 4 (or 2) business days. You & your loved one get the feels from it

Check out songs created and published : Songlorious Youtube channel  Songlorious on Spotify

Have an artist Create a song
A musician who wants to join to create with Songlorious

Love songs are biggies. Personalized & fine tuned to each person / couple.  Here's a recent one... 

I'm loving this gift idea from Songlorious! Creative and also helping out musicians who are in great need of work and getting their creative juices flowing during this time. Seems like a Big Win for all involved. Something positive coming out of this pandemic.  We'll take it!