Over-The-Top Promposals with Celebs, Balloons & Texas Politician

It's Promposal Day!

March 11, 2019

ID 112034808 © Susan Vineyard | Dreamstime.com


Happy #PromposalDay!  Or Happy #CanWeMakeItEvenMoreStressfulToAskSomeoneToPromDay ...  forget the quick text or mention in the hallway. Go Big! or Go Home! I guess in this case.. Stay Home!  I ran across this list of Over-The-Top Promposals. Could be helpful.. what to do.. or not do... 

Cute for a Foodie:

So this happened today. Of course I had to say yes. He bought me food. #promposal #ftw

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Boyfriend of the year winner here... wonder what he'll do for a wedding proposal? Make sure audio is working.. still cute video. The action is definitely there.. hard to top this one if you're a friend of his.. 

A Besties Promposal Rocks too.. 


Can't say no to Mr. White? 


Politics could work in your favor.. Toss a Texas Senator running for President a note ... 

Lots more here! Good Luck!