People Food Furbabies Can Eat

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March 17, 2017

My furbaby Huey has always been picky when it comes to eating. He won't gobble up a treat when it's gien to him. He investigates it, sometimes even when he's eaten it tons of time. When he was a puppy we had to try about 10 different dog foods before he'd eat one. We've stuck w/ that for the past 15 years and counting now.  He also has digestive issues, which we found out about when he was about 1 1/2 and his back legs went out on him and we rushed him to the vet. $1,000 later told he needed to drink more water and he had a digestive issue.  

The vet suggested giving Huey some hard boiled egg and  a bit of rice mixed in his meals. The egg (1/2) was a go, but the rice..NOPE.  So we go w/ noodles or potato/sweet potato mixed in his food. We also do boiled chicken, that's in his dinner rather than the egg.  I think honey Ted and I cook more for Huey than ourselves.  He also does low fat frozen yogurt at times, which also helps. He wouldn't eat the powder the vet gave us to put on his food.  We tried everything w/ that too.  

I realize there are different thoughts about giving a furbaby 'People Food'.  This combo for use seems to work w/ Huey, so that's what we go with. I ran across this small list of foods that you can eat w/ your furbaby. Good for both and I thought I would share.  What do you feed your furbaby?

5 Healthy Foods You Can Feed Your Dog

Eggs (Huey's a Big Fan.. hard boild)
Fish  (Huey's not into it)
Yogurt (Huey will only eat frozen yogurt)
Corn  (Huey's not a huge fan)
Peanut Butter (Huey's a Big Fan)

Some no nos: 
chocolate, garlic, xylitol (found in gum), almonds, macadamia nuts, or ice cream.