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Heads up on this one!

April 22, 2019

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Over the weekend, I was doing a bit of searching on Shih Tzu puppies. It's been a bit over a year since we lost our Huey after 16 Awesome years. I thought I would see what's happening in the Shih Tzu world. Just curiosity right now. I ran across a website that seemed legit. I wanted to find out where they were located, and a bit more about the breeders. I sent a basic email saying I would love to have more information about them & the puppies. It was basically signing up to be on their email list. Nothing specific, just a general inquiry.   

I received an email back the next morning, and it seemed legit. honey Ted and I decided to do some research before we emailed back for any further communication. Doing basic Google searching we ran across a few things that didn't seem right . We continued and ran across a pet scam site that had a list of website links that had been flagged /  brought to their attention that they were scam sites.  and BAM... saw the site I ran across ... 

This was disappointing and also maddening. Scammers Suck! I put a post up that is in moderation on Pet Scams (while writing this blog). I thought I would also spread the word, about  pet scamming sites. Do your research before moving forward. It may seem legit, but simple seaching w/ their photos, checking some facts they have on their sites / emails and pet scam alert on  sites will save you money, time and heartbreak. We're thankful for others who posted their unfortunate experiences, so we don't have a similar one.

Here's the post I put up with the email we were sent from 'Hans at Shih-Tzu Home' in El Passo, TX!
Post (in moderation right now) on Pet Scams: 

We just received a first email through 'ShihTzu Home' in response to us sending our email  yesterday (4/20) for more information about their puppies.   It was sent from a 'Hans Akonte & family' in El Paso, TX.

We tried searching the name, 'Hans AKonte', nothing came up. 'Shih-Tzu Home' didn't come up as breeder search in El Paso. The vet listed didn't come up either. Did a google search of the photos of the cute Shih-Tzus with 4 of the 8 photos were attached to other breeder adds in different cities/states.  We than checked for pet scams, and ran across and we found them. We're thankful for those who put the word out about the scam. Clearly the person/ people are changing names and a bit of the details.  We will not be making anymore contact w/ this person / people.

We were blessed w/ having a Shih Tzu furbaby for 16 years. It's been over a year. It's starting to feel like a good time to add to our family. It stinks that there are so many scams out there that play on the heart strings, and can empty a bank account. Shame on these scammers.  Again, we thank those who have run across this, and shared / spread the word. This is why we are posting this, for others to BEWARE.  It didn't feel quite right. We're glad we did some research. 

Thanks Y'all! You Rock! Ted & Heather


Email below:

Healthy Shih Tzu Puppies               
Sat, Apr 20, 2019 2:02 pm
shih-tzu home (

Hello Ted & Heather,

        Thanks for contacting us & for the interest you have in our Shih Tzu Puppies. We very much value your interest in providing a home for a puppy. We had a litter of 12 puppies out of which we just sold 4 and now have 8 Puppies Available as you can see on our website at:

The puppies available are: Luicy(Female), Jadon(Male), Munai(Female), Minks(Male), Noela(Female), Jons(Male), Ginna(Female) & Rexi(Male).

    Our puppies are raised in our home around kids and other pets, so they're very friendly and you know early socialization is of paramount importance. We have committed to ensuring that our puppies have the best possible “forever loving” homes, and we take that commitment very serious. Shih Tzu dogs increase your mood dramatically! Humans with dogs recover more quickly from illnesses. I mean, how can you NOT live happily waking up to a smiley face every morning and after work & night?

   I believe you must have read about each puppy on our website. They all Convey impression of intelligence, strength. alert, bold, loyal, dependable, courageous, and they possessed affectionate nature. These attributes should be countenanced by the expression. They are very gentle and easy to train. We have been breeding puppies for over 15 years and really have much experience in the field as we have even taken some lessons, read books and gone through trainings.

     We breed Shih Tzu out of passion and for the sake of humanity, so we do NOT sell these puppies to make money for the family, rather we seek for families that are willing to share a loving and caring home with a dog. We regard these puppies as family members, that's why we are giving them out at a very affordable price in order to make sure they go into the best homes because a "loving and caring" home matters much more to us than the money.

   However, we are giving each puppy out for $550 depending on your location, and we really hope you like one of the available puppies on our webpage. We are located in El Paso,TX and we accept local pick ups if you are located within a driving distance of less than 4 hours. We also provide shipping and home delivery within USA for extra $98.

 -So please just reply us back with answers to the following questions:

-Where you are located......?

-Which of the Available Puppies are you interested in....?

-Have you ever owned a puppy before.....?

-Are you able to come pick up the puppy or will you prefer us to Ship....?

Please also get back to us with your cell number so we can call you, or you can also call/text us at  (915) 400-6963 

Thanks and waiting..

Hans Akonte & family    


If you've run across these scams, please share ...