July 8, 2019

Jack Hollingsworth / GettyImages


Another 'What's Wrong w/ People' trend is blowing up on social media. The Licking of Blue Bell Ice Cream in stores. Ever since the teenager from San Antonio's licking video went viral, more are doing it.

Because she is a juvenile offender, her identity is protected with an investigation happening, but what about a 36 year-old man? Here's Martin who is facing charges for doing it... 

I never thought about how this could affect the entire Ice Cream in the grocery store vibe when it comes to customers buying. My Facebook friend Michelle shared a recent Ice Cream moment she had w/ her brother. 

Michelle C:   "I bought a couple of pints of Haagen Dazs and handed one to my brother. His answer, thanks but no thanks. Granted those have seals on them, but he pointed out that it didn't matter. He makes a good point, even though I debated that subject with him, he still refused the ice cream, he said he's lost trust. It's not just Blue Bell, this is going to affect other brands. It's just disgusting grown men and women are pulling this stunt."

Making other things to thin kabout ... how this behavior continuing could hurt the Ice Cream industry. Should this be considered an even bigger crime for those who think it's a funny way to get social media attention? Will Ice Cream companies have to have even more ways to secure their produce?  Which would raise the price for all.  What if we have to have armed guards at grocery store freezers all the time?

Things to think about before Licking & Leaving Ice Cream in store freezers. What do you think?