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Pet Mama Heather vs Pet store Santa Photo!

December 20, 2019
Rudy's 1st photo with Santa

Rudy's 1st photo with Santa 12/14/19 -hr photo


Santa is coming soon! Rudy had his 1st photo w/ Santa taken recently. I took several during the short minute-ish session at PETSMART/Southpartk Meadows. I caught one that worked...

Rudy's 1st Santa Photo
Rudy's 1st Santa Photo - HR photo

Rudy's Christmas Wish is for treats & toys. A puppy can never have enough of those. 

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Here's the PETSMART Santa photo emailed to us, which I'm figuring I was supposed to edit before hand. But I think the original is pretty frickin' funny. Look who ended up in the photo w/ him ... well sorta...

Rudy's 1st Santa photo Petsmart version
Rudy's 1st Santa Photo - Petsmart version