P!NK gets Praise & Help from an '80s Hair Band Rocker

Fans Feel a P!NK / BACH collab would be EPIC!

March 21, 2019

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P!NK 's Beautiful Trauma came out in 2017, with such great album & tour success, that she's still going when more dates were added in 2019 for the 'Beautiful Trauma Tour'. One of P!NK's stops is the AT&T Center in San Antonio tonight! (3/21). I've been a fan since my friend Tracy in Tampa, Florida played #GetThePartyStarted by this #BadAssChick named #P!NK I was hooked! I have always wanted to see her, and never had a chance too ... UNTIL TONIGHT! I'm so excited about having a #DateNightOut w/ honey Ted at her show. Who cares if it's way up high balcony seats. All the thingies I've heard and read about her shows ... doesn't matter where you are. She's an amazing performer.  I'm looking forward to experiencing it w/ my most favorite person in the universe ... honey Ted.

P!NK has a new album dropping next month, already with a hit 'Walk Me Home'. She totally deserves a Star on the Walk of Fame, and many others feel that way too. This includes an '80s Hairband Rocker who is well known for his killer vocals ...

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Sebastian Bach /Skid Row! Love P!NK's response ... 

When P!NK got mad at Apple, Sebastian tweeted a helpful suggestion...

Many fans would like their tweeting buddies relationship get kicked up to studio buddies... maybe a duet / collab? 

For now we'll have to settle for new ear candy separately from both of them...and a Fantastic tour!  So looking forward to tonight! 


Sebastian's includes Orianthi ... She's amazing too! Have Orianthi on guitar if a  P!NK / BACH collab ever happens ... that's enough to make my 8-year-old, plus a few more years now child ... PEE MY PANTS!