Pizza & Pineapple


August 10, 2018

I was surprised w/ the passion many had about their pizza having pineapple on it , or anywhere near it!  Since it's Friday.. TGIF!  This could be an idea for the weekend to try or stay the heck away from it!

Here are a few of several pizza w/ or w/o  pineapple words of wisdom that I can carry with me into the weekend: 

  • Stephanie H N - Mod Pizza used to have a standard menu item called the Tyler. Canadian bacon, pepperoni, bacon and pineapple with a BBQ drizzle. THE. BEST. Of course they still make it; you just have to know what to ask forz  - Mix 94.7 Stephanie H N That sounds SO GOOD! I've never had Mod Pizza. I will have to change that soon. You Rock! Heather Rivera -  Melissa M MOD Pizza is GOOD!!! You do have to try it! - Mix 94.7 Melissa M MOD Pizza is that GOOD! I will have to try it soon. You Rock! Heather Rivera -  
  • Shari Mc -Nothing wrong with it at all. Pepperoni, bacon and pineapple. I think one of my recent statuses was "True love is finding a partner that likes the same pizza toppings as you, including pineapple."
  • Alexis M R - Pineapple and mushroom. My favourite. - Mix 94.7 Nice combo too! I'm a mushroom fan too! I recently had pineapple, chicken, mushroom and beets. It was yummy! Heather Rivera - Alexis MR  Mix 94.7 I'm usually not a fan of meat on my pizza, but I would try that!
  • Evin S - Not a damn thing, it’s delicious - Mix 94.7 Evin S I'm w/ you! Ever try pear on a pizza. It's yummy too! Heather Rivera - Evin S I like spicy pepperoni and sweet pineapple - amazing combo! I was a cook in a restaurant and we had a bacon, Brie and pear pizza that was amazing - Mix 94.7 Those both sound amazing Evin S Yummy! Made me hungry! You Rock! Heather Rivera
  • Felipe D C - Not as bad or horrible as pumpkin beer
  • David H - No fruit with policy

Here are more and share your pizza w/ or w/o pineapple wisdom... 

May your next pizza have everything on it you Enjoy, and ENJOY IT TO THE FULLEST!