Plain Socks Out! Face Socks In????

Cute or Creepy?

February 8, 2019

I've been seeing these popup all over social media for an idea for a sweet gift for your honey. Face Socks!  It's boring to give your honey just a plain pair of socks.  Give them SOCKS W/ YOUR FACE ON THEM! They can wear you all over the place. These I believe are too late to create & order for a Valentine's Day delivery, but there's a lot of 2019 left.. holidays.. just because days.  There are a ton of other online places you can create them too.  Google Face Socks...

Ask yourself .. Do you think a pair of Face Socks is a Cute or Creepy gift idea?  Then you'll be able to answer this question ... If you're honey GAVE YOU SOCKS with THEIR FACE on them, would YOU WEAR THEM?