Plogging for ATX and the Planet

1st virtual TrashDash Plog

September 14, 2020
 Getty Images / tataks

Getty Images / tataks


The 1st Virtual TrashDash Plog happens Sunday, September 20. Plogging is the combo of picking up litter while jogging (walking works too). No matter where you are, you can help stop littering in your community. It goes with the 2nd Annual Trash Dash Plog created by Keep America Beautiful.

Grab a mask, gloves, bags, running shoes and pick a location in the ATX area... Pick It Up & Run (jog or walk). Exercise while helping to Keep Austin Beautiful. Post a photo on Instagram to be part of the fun tagging @KeepAmericaBeautiful @KeepAustinBeautiful with hashtags #DoBeautifulThings #TrashDash #1Thing. Click here for lots more!