Watch how HIGH P!NK took it during ROCK IN RIO!

Get Ready for P!NK at F1 at COTA!

October 7, 2019

Photo by Xinhua_Sipa USA


P!NK gave over 100,000 peeps in RIO a HUGE show as the headliner for ROCK IN RIO!  She's no stranger to aerial acrobatics during her shows.  It's amazing how fluid she is singing and moving at the same time.  I have trouble talking and walking at times. honey Ted & I were totally impressed when we had  chance to see P!NK at the AT&T center. I believe P!NK kicked it up even more notches during ROCK IN RIO. A headliner NEVER to be forgotten.... 

Check out how high girlfriend gets while ROCKIN' SO WHAT W/ THE CROWD ...CHECK OUT HOW FRICKEN AMAZING IS THIS?!!!! 

Looking forward to seeing what P!NK will do when she makes her way to ATX in less than a month!  P!NK is Rockin' 2019 Formula1 at COTA on Saturday, November 2nd. Dets here!