Super Cell forming wedding photos are Blowin' Up on Social Media

Doing what it takes for THE SHOT!

May 1, 2019

meatbull / GettyImages


Photo above is a more typical cloudy sky wedding photo . Here's the EXTREME of that thanks this couple ... 

Morgan + Manuel Monteiro wedding photos are Blowin' Up on social media for their commitment to sticking to getting 'The Shot'. Rain may be LUCKY on your wedding day, but what about a huge SUPER CELL  formation? They certainly stayed w/ 'The Shot.' The end result some very cool, beautiful & frightening wedding photos. Could you get into doing photos like these? 

I'm not a storm fan, so my face would have sheer terror on it, while I was running for cover!  This couple Rocked IT, and w/ cool photos & stories to tell about them.

Share one of your favorite wedding / event w/ your Honey photo here! 

Heather & honey Ted's wedding shot almost 18 years ago!