Sustainable Fashion at the 91st Academy Awards

2019 Red Carpet Green Dress Celebrity Ambassadors - Fierce & Fabulous

February 25, 2019

Laura Harrier photo by Sthanlee Mirador/Sipa USA / Danielle MacDonald Photo by Anthony Behar/Sipa USA 2019 Oscar Red Carpet


2019 ... the year of the 91st Academy Awards. A night to celebrate the talented artists that bring us stories on the big screens (& small screens ... Go Netflix!) that make us feel so many different emotions.It was also a night to celebrate the amazing talents of the designers, who created outfits that made their celebritiese Oscar Royality for a night. Standing out. Making a statement which included Sustainable Fashion with Red Carpet Green Dress. Celebrating a decade gracing the Oscar Red Carpet with Fabulous & Fierce Sustainable Fashions worn by their 2019 Actress Ambassadors Laura Harrier and Danielle MacDonald. 

Red Carpet Green Dress was founded by Suzy Amis Cameron in 2009 while on a press tour for Avatar w/ her hubby James Cameron. RCGD will only certify a designer's outfit eco-conscious if it is made from sustainable materials, which include organic, recycled or repurposed fibers.' The garment should also feature 'hand-made detailing or incorporate natural dye processing, with a dedicated focus on minimal negative impact on the environment, while being an environmentally and socially responsible design." These past 10 years RCGD has worked with many fashion labels which include Vivenne Westwood, Armani and Reformation, and actors that include Gina Rodriquez, Kellan Lutz, and Emma Roberts. 

Celebrating a Red Carpet Green Dress Decade in 2019 Laura Harrier and Daneille MacDonald worked the Oscar Red Carpet showing Fabulous & Fierce can be Beautiful & Sustainable!

BlacKkKlansman’ Star Laura Harrier was wearing a custom-made light blue Louis Vuitton gown. Made of Taroni S.p.a. crepe silk, which was certified by the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS). The staff spent 450 hours hand-embroidering glass beads and Swarovski crystal shards and sequins following the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX, a global testing and certification system for textiles and accessories. 

Some processes do not kill worms for their silk to create the fabric used for fashion. Some processes to get the silk boils the worms while they are alive. The silk for this gown didn't specify which process was used. Silk is considered a sustainable choice, since it is a plastic-free and biodegradable fiber. Green Matters

Photo by Sthanlee Mirador/Sipa USA
Photo by Sthanlee Mirador/Sipa USA

Danielle Macdonald starred in this year's Oscar-winning short film Skin as well Netflix's Dumplin' and Bird Box . The Project Runway winning designer Christian Siriano created her dress from recycled tulle, cotton crepe and dyed it red with vegetable dye. He worked to only produce minimal fabric waste when constructing the look.

Siriano explained “I’ve had some incredible red carpet moments in my career but I’m particularly excited about this design as it has the potential to change the world,” Siriano said. “I want to show people that eco-friendly, ethical, and sustainable fashion can also be beautiful.” Green Matters

Photo by Anthony Behar/Sipa USA